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A note from Roger: 

"I am running for the Iowa House because Iowans deserve better and Western Iowa deserves a seat at the table. Our community has been left behind and is not being represented in Des Moines, and it's time for that to change. We have the people, the passion, and the power to make real progress for our community."

Meet Roger

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The Issues


Mental Health & Our Well Being

Across the board from our youth to our senior citizens, there are so many situations that can affect our mental health, especially in these times. We all need to help each other and ourselves.


Our Climate Crisis

 I am very worried about what lies ahead for our kids and grandkids! How can we, as a community, do our part to mitigate the damage?  And how can state government be supporting that effort?


Industrial Hemp

Why does Iowa have to miss out on all the benefits and revenue that every state around us is enjoying?  Let’s get it all out there and begin discussing it as a community. Think about it, the benefits are endless and we do live in farming communities.

The Issus

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